Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Knocked 100 doors.

 We knocked alot of doors this week cuz we had NO ONE TO TEACH And the people here are SO tough they won´t even open the door to talk to us we talk through windows and doors. I actually really like knocking on doors and trying my hardest to convince the people that they need my message! The weirdest part is all this crappy stuff is happening and i am really happy with myself. i know i am doing all that is possible and in the Time of God i will find the people he wants me to find. I hope my faith will last till i can see the blessings. i pray for you all SO MUCH and am thinking of yo always love you all hope all is well at home sorry short time and i LOVED MY PACKAGE! T SHIRT NUTELLA! ATE IT ALMOST ALL GONE IN ONE WEEK AND THE HAIR STUFF AND BIRTHDAY STUFF AND MY ZONE LOVE THE PIXIE STIXS"!!! THANK YOU FROM MY ZONE AND FOR EVERYTHING LOVE YOU ALL MOM DAD MATI BROCK CONNER AND CAT! LOVE SISTER ATKINSON