Monday, May 21, 2012

Out of this World Miraculous week!

So we fasted as a zone this week for our goal of baptisms this month, can I just say it really works!! wow! We met three young men who we are teaching and one is preparing for baptism this weekend! Another young man who only needed to attend church one more time made it all by himself this week! We have been working with a less active family and they made it to church this week and brought their brother and his non member wife! WOOT! Needless to say Sunday was a busy day up at 6 for an early appointment then got home way late visiting many people that day. Whoosh talk about a week of hard work.
Also this week I have really came to realize that Cinderella was right! A dream is a wish your heart makes when you´re fast asleep you will loose your heartache whatever you wish for come TRUE! No matter how your heart is (something) if you keep on believing the things that you wish will come true (insert picture of Cinderella here). It is like faith when we have faith we do all that we possibly can to do the things God wants then we have to give it all to God saying here it is I did all I could possibly do and now it is in your hands. Then stop worrying about it and if it happens then hallelujah and Amen and if not maybe it is meant to be that way. God knows all and through faith we can be lifted of the burden of worldly things. Way to go Cinderella.
Last Monday for P day we went to the beach!! WOO HOO (in the words of Hermana Quiroga) WE played soccer (as always) and found crabs and rocks lots of rocks. They don't have sand on the beach only rocks. Thus I couldn't help but start singing pebble and the penguin and looking for THE PERFECT rock.....ya my companion gave me funny looks...but how awesome!
WE also got to have one of our investigators watch a baptism this week! So awesome he had to many questions and we are hoping for his baptism this weekend as well. Another revelation this week is that people here have a fear of water! They have never gone swimming before! So for them to enter water up to their waist and go totally under the water is VERY new and scary. They baptized a family and it took a lot of times for each baptism because always a head or arm came up and the young girls were very scared, but they all had the courage and were totally submersed! A miracle!
Got to run but love you all and dad how was North Dakota! Wow lucky you! Fixing blenders in North Dakota who knew! :) you are so talented°! Tell grandma Roxie and the Thrashers I love them tons and I will try to write letters this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Atkinson
PS lotr scripture DyC 43:18 just picture it like helms deep.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Skype friend or foe

Wow Skype makes me so frustrated its a love hate relationship. But To see and hear my family ( most of the time) was the greatest blessing! My companion said I totally changed after. I was happy and my Spanish was better and I wouldn't stop speaking Spanish and it was great! WOW!! The rest of the evening was just out of this world happy. Totally worth it to know I have such a great force of people behind me!
Felizidades ANDREA AND TJ!! Congrats!
PS, some things I forgot to mention yesterday in my email
Everyone loves our family picture!! They laugh at Conner being the baby and the tallest (yes Brock sorry) and they love Mati and think it's funny shes so short and they are amazed my parents are SO YOUNG! Translated; JOVENCITOS!! The family Tovar was so excited for me to talk to my family and be able to see you and everyone says my parents look so very young!! (Mom if you could put up our family picture on the blog)
And we do get to eat out here! We ate at burger king last Saturday and KFC the other day and a member fed us PIZZA DE Peru and WOW I can never go back- seven different kinds of meat and olives the size of small cows and always Inca cola (they don't have root beer here) only orange Inca cola or coca cola...ew....but I do like coca cola. and we do eat. I am definitely not starving. Its crazy because we walk from utter poverty across a freeway and there is the largest grandest mall of MY LIFE!! so crazy the culture shock just about kills me! People with no sinks and live in one room with all their family to bigger than university mall all in about ten to fifteen minutes walk!! CRAZY! just blew me away!
So glad to be able to see and talk with my family and wow I love and think about you all a lot!!! G-ma and G-pa Thrasher and G-ma and G-pa Atkinson and Kandis and Meagan and Janae and Aleesha and Shalece and Jain and Alyssa and Saje and Mati and Brock and Conner and Cathy quilter Sammie Krohn ! Wow so many people every day that I remember or something reminds me of them and wow I am so blessed to have such great examples!!
Gracias por todo!!
Love you all!! Remember always that God loves you more than we can ever imagine! He loves you so much he gave his son for us. Through all the pain and agony it is amazing I can't even describe somehow it is more than love because we are HIS!! Love Sister Atkinson!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am a real Missionary!!!

LOOK MOM I AM A REAL MISSIONARY!!!!! I am so excited to be here! Day 2
and LOVING IT! We have already gone to work teaching two families last
night and having a district meeting today! My companera is AMAZING
Hermana Q. She only has one month and a half left to her
mission! I am so blessed to have her she is an amazing teacher and the
BEST missionary anyone could ask for!! I love her so much and I have
only known her for two days!! She always says, ¨Si usted nececita
alguin, DIGAME! verdad?: She is always looking for ways to better
train me and have me know all I need to know in the next six weeks! I
am so excited to teach with her for this short time she just blows me
out of the water every lesson. yesterday we taught about Noche de
Hogar. Mi primero vez!!! It was so cool she knows all these great
games to play with families and it was a SO cool missionary lesson about
prayer and family home evening! CHEVRE!! ( she always says chevre or
cool) I am really so blessed to have her! I can't believe I am
actually here most of the time. Our apartment is great it has a little
pointy metal gate and the green stairs lead up to our two room one
bath (no stove but a microwave and a fridge) apartment. We even have a
little terrace outside for exercise..... gracias.
I can't wait until I can understand and know the schedule. My
companion just knows all the names of past investigators off the top
of her head and WOW I cannot wait to be just like her! but patiencia(patience)
and line upon line precept by precept. They presented us yesterday to
the whole zone and we got up and they told a little about us PS trying
to explain lacrosse to Latinos is the best experience ever! They just
imagine it like hockey (PS Squid Bocanegra! I totally have an elder
here with your same last name!! Thinking of you!)
Anyway so we all got introduced and met our companions and got
doughnuts and the best guacamole of my life that morning in all our
meetings and wow so much in two days it feels like a year!
But thank you for your emails and I am kinda sad I missed out on
women s conference always is so fun and animados! I cant wait to come
back and go to the sessions in Spanish ;) me and Jessica all the way!!
and Derick......BA ha ha. Anyways glad Brock went to prom! Aw my
little kid is growing up!
T Hank you you are all the best cuidense!! Love you tons!!
I get to write you Monday I believe is my next p day so woot) more info then!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Atkinson!