Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sunday will come!

This sunday was just incredible!!! We had a man who has a teaching record of at least 10 missonaries come to church and tell us he wanted to be baptized this saturday. AT LAST. His member wife and daughter were all smiles and just so amazing! Then he can baptize his son in a few weeks when he recieves the priesthood!! Basically we work hard and God just brings the people to us. Literally Saturday was a hard day with knocking doors cus all our appointments fell through, but just like the atonement SUNDAY WILL COME. We all pass through nights where we think we have given our all in vain and that maybe we will never pass this trial and things seem bad, just like Christ talk about the WORST night and the following day in the HISTORY of the world!!How great was His truimph three days later!! The fight was all worth it when the glory and his victory came. In that all His brothers and sisters can live with him eternally again! Just keep fighting, when things are the hardest is when God and the blessings are the closest! . 
We also learned a bit about this when we hiked to the waterfall this weekend. after many weeks of not alot of exercise in the mornings.....ahem gordita hermana atkinson was basically a tub of butter climbing a mountian STRAIGHT UP! We really just had to look at what we had accomplished and not what we had left to climb. Our leaders in our district were there to help us along, but wow it was a long way up there and my companion didn´t think she could make it. Our leaders were there every step of the way encouraging her and helping her along. We all made it to the end together. We had accomplished something great! But I am so sore OUCH! But a really great experience for our preperation day. 
Ok gottta run! love you all tons.
Sister atkinson!
the other pics are when we baked cake with members (the members who are in charge of EFY in peru!! so cool) 
and the other.....um i think its hermana pardo and me at the temple in peru!
We went to Chosica!!! Basically utah in the mountians  to hike up to the waterfall!! I was just so happy to get out of the city. We had a trade in companions cuz my companion can´t hike and the other sister felt ill. So at 5 am we got on a 2 hour bus to Matucana!! Woot! Waterfall. 

One is the big road close to our house called the Avenido BRASIL.no not the country but at 5 am is very empty so why not take photos?? 
My companion and I found this awesome car in Jocky Plaza which is like their mall here. Of course we needed to take pictures in the cars!! 

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