Monday, October 8, 2012

Future Missionaries

Happy birthday FUTURE MISSIONARIES MATI, BROCK and FUTURE MISSIONARY (for two years) CONNER!!! Woot fiesta!!
Oh boy did we ever watch general conference!! We were just so happy and things really are just super charged and spiritually overflowing with happiness! After the Sunday session we had the GREATEST lessons in the world! We just held on as the spirit literally gave the lessons through us and the feeling that the investigators were really receiving the personalized message they needed to hear. At times as missionaries we teach the same thing so many times it becomes automatic and fails to meet the individual needs of each recipient. But like a speaker said in conference we need to learn how to teach the gospel like Christ would have taught it. With the needs of the investigators in mind and what they need in their lives. WE may teach about the restoration but we could focus in so many different points that it could actually turn out as a lesson about prayer (like Joseph Smith) or about the life of Christ and the atonement or baptism, or we could focus on the authority to be healed is again restored to the earth, or focus on how we are children of God and he knows each of us personally. Really the lessons aren´t set or memorized, but free flowing with the spirit to reach the hearts and inner most problems and desires of our investigators! Needless to say general conference is just MIND BLOWINGLY AMAZING!! I may have more or less literally called the whole world on Friday to invite pretty much EVERY SINGLE investigator to come and listen to at least ONE SESSION. How disappointing that not one could make it. Something happened with every single one so they couldn´t make it.....WE work hard but the world works just as hard to distract us from what will help us most in our lives sadly enough sometimes we win and sometimes the world wins, but we can´t stop fighting every day to repent and like another talk said live in the world but not of the world.
This week we were teaching our GOLDEN family and they currently are looking for a job but are very humble and just prepared and accept everything we teach them. They have a burning desire to have a remission of their sins through the waters of baptism. With a good desire we can DO ANYTHING!! God lives and loves us so much! Never forget we are so precious in his eyes and general conference is a time to remember how individually we are loved!
Love you all and thank you for all your support everyone!! LOVE SISTER ATKINSON.
Mati and Brock missions!! WOOT How amazing!!

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