Monday, October 29, 2012

This isn't possible!

Wow hardly any time to write today!! Don't´know where time escaped to. yes escdaped. This week started out really good we got lost in the center of Lima and bought awesome new wrap skirts in an Indian store and a member who works in an ice creme store there invited us to ice creme!! The people here are so amazingly kind. We even exercised this week a bit. but then my companions foot swell up huge like it has been doing for the past few months and she can´t walk and the doctors don´t really know what´s wrong. She does not have diabetics or riniones or NADA!! She is so healthy it´s shocking. So we tried to visit a few people this week when she felt that the pain in her foot that looks like a basketball was less and we had one family who we have been teaching just drop us. She answered the door and gave us her book of Mormon and said that she can´t change her religion...and slammed the door.....This week has just been a roller coaster ride of CRAZINESS! So Friday we went to see what the doctor says other than ¨no more monkies jumping on the bed¨. We were thinking he was going to give her more pills and such but he decided to put her in the hospital to give her strong antibiotics to her veins to help her heal some sores that popped out on her legs due to her swollen foot. So i am temporarily working in a sector called the Brisas with sister C and the new sister S. They are really nice and even let me borrow pajamas. I am working with them and they are really fun. but its a bit odd to be separated from your companion. 
This week i have really seen how hard Satan can work when he knows how powerful we can be as companions to push forward the work of God with his children. All i can think is THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE!! Just makes me laugh a little bit like that no good horrible awful very bad book. Where everything that can go wrong does and we are just ready to burst out laughing cuz its pretty ironic and a bus could probably run us over right now and ya normal. Its really just an adventure we have to pass through in order to make even better things happen! I am really missing working in my sector we finally have a baptism this weekend and can´t visit our investigators cuz we are´t there, but the BEST THING is GOD can´t loose. This is his work and really it is moving along really well. He is the ultimate victor so COME WHAT MAAAAY!! God will love us and we can just grin at the devil because he is loosing and we know we are the victors!! but a week normal in the life of a missionary ba ha ha! 
God just really knows me  perfectly its mostly hilarious because I was put with the sisters here JUST IN Time to help them move from one house to another........I take this as a very strong sign that God knows how much I love to clean, move, organize ect ect!! I am so loved. Thanks for your awesome letter and know all is well here jsut fighting for the right. sounds like your week was crazy too! 
love you tons sigan adelante!! love sis Atkinson

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