Sunday, December 16, 2012

Closer to Christmas!!!

Monday December 10, 2012

A WEEK CLOSER TO CRHISTMAS!! We made our little christmas chain this week for me and my companion and the elders in our ward. On every little paper circle every day we have something to do that is christmassy like hug your companion sing himno number whatever and have a snow ball fight with paper. I am not 100% sure the elders understood the idea of the activity, but we are having fun with my companion. The elders had 2 BAPTISMS this weekend, so basically the misisonaries running around with their heads cut off for two days (whats new). with smiles from ear to ear. They were two brothers one that has 11 years and the other that is 15. The testimony of the younger is so strong and his feelings after he was baptized was JUST SO POWERFULL! it was like he was givng a talk in church, dear sisters and brothers I know GOd loves every one of us and when we do what HE says he blesses us with happiness!! A testimony so BIG in a kid so small. Really sweet baptism. 
This week I have really learned the importance of our relation personal with God. It is the basis for everything that follows in the gospel. If we love God we want to go to church and keep the commandments, and love our neighbor. and when we understand We are his children we act differently and serve others and have a personal dignity that is divinely attained through our conversations from God. This it is so critical to pray and read every day because how can we have a personal relation with God if we don´t talk to him or listen to the respuestas through his sacred scriptures. When we have this relation with God EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! I learned this in a lessson in English this week where I tried to pray in english and wow.....ya fui ya. The joven we are teaching is really good and really intelligent but doesn´t believe he can have a personal relation with God. its really sad, but he is progressing when I got here in Magdalena almost six months ago he said he didn´t even believe in God. some people progress little by litte and others in leaps and bounds J defintiely is little by little! 
We have planned for the 29th a baptism of a young boy whose dad just got baptized last month after 15 years of invetstigating the church. M will be baptized by his dad the end of this month we are so excited!! He is so funny we always look forward to teaching him. and in general people who are excited about learnimg the gospel. 
Had lasagna with a family the other night and I was just so happy it wasn´t CHICKEN OR RICE!! YAY!! 
Excited to talk for christmas we have permission to talk the 26th for phone but I think really any day with skype. so just let me know what day is best for you all. 
Love you tons have a week full of prayer, scriptures, and get to know God better! 
Love your SISTER ATKINSON, awesome. 

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