Monday, January 7, 2013

Woot! The whole family!

Woot the family is now complete. with the baptism of the son M THE WHOLE Family is now baptized and he was able to be baptized by his dad who had a smile from ear to ear! The family is preparing to enter the temple in a year and be sealed for time and all eternity!! WOOT just a baptism so special to end the transfer!! WOOT! We even sang as misisonaries the four two elders and two hermanas (we kinda shanghayed the elders in to singing SURPRISE but it turned out great with violin and everything!!) 
We really have a great blessing that we are teaching a WHOLE FAMILY!! The family S they are SO Prepared the mom R, the dad O and their two daughters s and s. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE they are teaching me things! the spirit there is different than with any other investigators it's the PERFECT LESSONS because they are taught by the spirit and not by us! WE are so happy for them that they are progressing so fast they have a baptism date the whole family for the 19th of January!! What a blessing in our lives that we have the chance to get to know them. But of course it is just when we have transfers....we´ll have to see what happens!  I think my companion is going to train and I will have a change I have been here for six months! Half a year serving in Magdalena! I don´t want to go! After seeing the progress here and JUST LOVING SERVING HERE! I can never forget the love God feels for every one of his children here in Magdalena, but I´ll go where you want me to go senor over mountain or plain or sea i´ll say what you want me to say senor i´ll be who you want me to be!! 
Hope you all had amazing holidays and remember always how much Christ loves us and when we give him 100% he gives us double (as said by the family of hermana pardo who we got to talk to yesterday her mom is just amazing!! )!! How much are we really giving to our God? Give it your all and more! cuz we are on the winning side! 
Love you all have a great sprititually uplifiting week! 
mati i need a pic of your chipmonk!! 
brock get on those papers! 
conner! i hope my package for you all got there!. if not as says hermana pardo Piñas!! 

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