Monday, May 6, 2013

New Sector

WOW BROCK!! really he is really chill he will be a great leader in the mission if the sisters dont ruffle his feathers like his sisters do.... ba ha ha and if they do he at least is prepared! And sorry turns out that the 5 de Mayo is a MEXICO thing!! So we eat rice just like every other day and potato and knock doors. woot. Sounds like once again womens confrence was a great sucess!! aww i miss that! but we are excited for here in the misison to have a sisters confrence with all the sisters and the presidents wife!! TOO COOL! 

 To open a sector one can really see the progresion quick! Its quite cool. How the first week knocking doors and talking to everyone and before you know it the next week we have appointments and we are hoping the thrid week we can have people to put baptism dates with. Its great to see how an area can progress! and of course the beautiful misisonaries progress too! WE are really close as companions we share everything....yes everything.,,, food, life stories, laughs, pictures, and a room the size of the room in my house but with two people just like me and MATI! but now we have to find space for our refrigerator and such but it is quite cozy in the house of the members. THey have to daughters SO CUTE they love you right off the bat and when you leave they throw their arms up in the air like they want to be carried and begin to first it was sad and i felt bad to leave them but then we got used to it and we try to sneak out the back door so they don{t see us leave and cry. AWW they use their BOTH first names Leah Victoria and DAphne sophia. so CUTE! 

WE found a family member who have three sons and it seems as if their whole world is falling down around them and we found them NOt for coincidence sunday in the eveing. the grandfather of the dad is dying and their cousin is getting married this weekend (if the grandpa doesnt die) and the birthday of their oldest son is this So we had a great family home eveing with them to help them feel the spirit and we taught about the army of helaman for the 3 little boys and they LOVED it! they will be great future misisonaries! Its great the energy they have for the gospel. 

THanks dad for the story it made me laugh. my grandpa is so funny. At times its really like camping in the mission when we got to this sector we had beds and that was it. so we lived out of our suitcases just as dad said when he told me you have to have good suitcases just in case! But now we are fully equiped with dresser drawrs and desks. its fun. GOod thing my Dad taught me how to be very efficient. Send love to everyone! Life IS GREAT SMILE LOTS! 

So i can give you a pre call this week to see if you found a video camera for the compu. and the members here said i can borrow their computer sunday in the afternoon so if we plan for five or six would be great!! well six here i think its one hour after. so like six or seven there?? awesome! 

GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR MIsison call brock er....elder ATKINSON !  i am rooting for SOUTH AMERICA!!! MAYBE BRAZIL!! OR VENEZUELA OR MEXICO!! well central or south america! love ya conner and mati keep up the good work! 
love you all 

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