Monday, April 8, 2013

Our first cucaracha!

WEll here we are in what they like to call ¨FALL¨in PERU, that subsuquently looks just like spring, and summer and winter. The plants are still green there is still LOTS of fog in the mornings and due to how close the ocean there is constant wind like in BRother Bear when they are enjoying the air over the cliff until it stops blowing and the two bears fall laughing to the ground. Its like that but there are THREE of us!! I think due to the change of weather the cocroaches begin to look for the warmer spots. THUS last night a screech comes from the study and YEP you guessed it MRS. WHite (well sister T) was found in the study with the broomstick and the CUPRIT!!!! A CUCARACHA THE SIZE OF A SMALL PERU!°!!! WEll needless to say we trapped it in the desk and sprayed RAID all around the desk shut the door and didn{t open it till the morning. But in the morning we open the door broom in hand to look for the creepie crawly and it is back up in the middle of the room we carefully approach it thinking its long gone dead to sweep it up and what does it do LEAP UP ON THE BROOM and take off!! EEK! so whacking it seven times segido we finally killed the cocroach......EEP! But hey we survived and we haven{t seen another cocroach since, mua ha ha. But hey its a party every night in three! WE laugh and talk all night and when we walk in the streets we say HI to people three times...Hi, buenas tardes, y hola. We are really learning to work well together to share the time in the lessons and my companions are really just SO powerfull! 
My old companion (I only say old because she was my companion before and she only has four months left in the mission!!!) HErmana S who has always been my example and a powerful missionary we are companions again with SISTER t from Cuzco who is always singing and happy. WE SING ALL THE DISNEY songs together!!! HEr in spanish and me in english. (even thumbalina!! which we are quickly called to repentance by hermana Santiago always the mother of the group serving us and keeping us on the right path) But to teach with three testimonies of the TRUTH who can deny the spirit that is there!!
THis week we have had a >MIRACLE and an answer to our prayers. When hermana S and I were companions in salamanca, stake SAN LUIS we prayed every day for a family to teach who in a year we could see them sealed in the temple! So we prayed every day and we didnt{ even have a baptism in that transfer together, but how GREAT is our Heavenly Father that he put us as companions again and as we were passing in the street headed for the house, a young mother called us in the street and presented her husband as a member of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints and she asked us if we could visit him because he was INACTIVE and she said she wanted to learn more about baptism. THey have three small children and ARE SO BEAUTIFUL AS A FAMLIY!!! WE have had the opportunity to visit them this week and get to know their dear children and they are just like OUR FAMILY. God really does listen to two missionaries praying for a family to find and JUST when they are both companions again through a mishap, but GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!! I can´t even explain our hapiness and the testimony one recieves of God to know he loves us in our imperfectness and knows our desires. Maybe he doesn{t answer us when we think it is convenient for us but he knows when it is best for us to have our answers. In the universe we are so small and seemingly insignificant but our eternal progression and our personal lives is eVERYTHING FOR GOD. 
This was just confirmed in the story of General Confrence about the tomato plant (aww reminded me of the garden at home) That every tomato plant has the great potential to make one tomato and a million never ending line of seeds, But as the child learned if we are not careful that plant can wilt if not fed with water and sun. WE ARE THE SAME!! every one of us has this GREAT opportunity to live HAPPY with the knowlege of our potential and THAt we have EVERY DAY an opportunity to know that God sustains us with THE LIGHT OF CHRIST AND water from the living waters which is CHRIST!! THat we are cared for and He will never leave us in the dark we can GAIN THE HIGEST POTENTIAL THE EXALTACION!! 
The mission is really focusing on how we can find and teach families! I am so excited to teach focusing on familes cuz i know i have the chance to bear my testimony of my eternal family!! 
THIS BRINGS ME ETERNaL HAPPINESS!!  AS the presidents wife says, ¨to be happy is a habbit¨
My new goal is to wake up every morning singing (just like GRANDpa THRASHER TAUGHT us while camping) OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MORNING OH WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY I HAVE A WONDERFUL FEELING EVERYTHING IS GOING MY WAY!!!!!! 
]SISter atkinson! 
have a HAPPY week putting in practice the words of the prophets! 

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