Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I am a real Missionary!!!

LOOK MOM I AM A REAL MISSIONARY!!!!! I am so excited to be here! Day 2
and LOVING IT! We have already gone to work teaching two families last
night and having a district meeting today! My companera is AMAZING
Hermana Q. She only has one month and a half left to her
mission! I am so blessed to have her she is an amazing teacher and the
BEST missionary anyone could ask for!! I love her so much and I have
only known her for two days!! She always says, ¨Si usted nececita
alguin, DIGAME! verdad?: She is always looking for ways to better
train me and have me know all I need to know in the next six weeks! I
am so excited to teach with her for this short time she just blows me
out of the water every lesson. yesterday we taught about Noche de
Hogar. Mi primero vez!!! It was so cool she knows all these great
games to play with families and it was a SO cool missionary lesson about
prayer and family home evening! CHEVRE!! ( she always says chevre or
cool) I am really so blessed to have her! I can't believe I am
actually here most of the time. Our apartment is great it has a little
pointy metal gate and the green stairs lead up to our two room one
bath (no stove but a microwave and a fridge) apartment. We even have a
little terrace outside for exercise..... gracias.
I can't wait until I can understand and know the schedule. My
companion just knows all the names of past investigators off the top
of her head and WOW I cannot wait to be just like her! but patiencia(patience)
and line upon line precept by precept. They presented us yesterday to
the whole zone and we got up and they told a little about us PS trying
to explain lacrosse to Latinos is the best experience ever! They just
imagine it like hockey (PS Squid Bocanegra! I totally have an elder
here with your same last name!! Thinking of you!)
Anyway so we all got introduced and met our companions and got
doughnuts and the best guacamole of my life that morning in all our
meetings and wow so much in two days it feels like a year!
But thank you for your emails and I am kinda sad I missed out on
women s conference always is so fun and animados! I cant wait to come
back and go to the sessions in Spanish ;) me and Jessica all the way!!
and Derick......BA ha ha. Anyways glad Brock went to prom! Aw my
little kid is growing up!
T Hank you you are all the best cuidense!! Love you tons!!
I get to write you Monday I believe is my next p day so woot) more info then!
LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Atkinson!

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