Monday, May 21, 2012

Out of this World Miraculous week!

So we fasted as a zone this week for our goal of baptisms this month, can I just say it really works!! wow! We met three young men who we are teaching and one is preparing for baptism this weekend! Another young man who only needed to attend church one more time made it all by himself this week! We have been working with a less active family and they made it to church this week and brought their brother and his non member wife! WOOT! Needless to say Sunday was a busy day up at 6 for an early appointment then got home way late visiting many people that day. Whoosh talk about a week of hard work.
Also this week I have really came to realize that Cinderella was right! A dream is a wish your heart makes when you´re fast asleep you will loose your heartache whatever you wish for come TRUE! No matter how your heart is (something) if you keep on believing the things that you wish will come true (insert picture of Cinderella here). It is like faith when we have faith we do all that we possibly can to do the things God wants then we have to give it all to God saying here it is I did all I could possibly do and now it is in your hands. Then stop worrying about it and if it happens then hallelujah and Amen and if not maybe it is meant to be that way. God knows all and through faith we can be lifted of the burden of worldly things. Way to go Cinderella.
Last Monday for P day we went to the beach!! WOO HOO (in the words of Hermana Quiroga) WE played soccer (as always) and found crabs and rocks lots of rocks. They don't have sand on the beach only rocks. Thus I couldn't help but start singing pebble and the penguin and looking for THE PERFECT rock.....ya my companion gave me funny looks...but how awesome!
WE also got to have one of our investigators watch a baptism this week! So awesome he had to many questions and we are hoping for his baptism this weekend as well. Another revelation this week is that people here have a fear of water! They have never gone swimming before! So for them to enter water up to their waist and go totally under the water is VERY new and scary. They baptized a family and it took a lot of times for each baptism because always a head or arm came up and the young girls were very scared, but they all had the courage and were totally submersed! A miracle!
Got to run but love you all and dad how was North Dakota! Wow lucky you! Fixing blenders in North Dakota who knew! :) you are so talented°! Tell grandma Roxie and the Thrashers I love them tons and I will try to write letters this week. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sister Atkinson
PS lotr scripture DyC 43:18 just picture it like helms deep.

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