Monday, May 14, 2012

Skype friend or foe

Wow Skype makes me so frustrated its a love hate relationship. But To see and hear my family ( most of the time) was the greatest blessing! My companion said I totally changed after. I was happy and my Spanish was better and I wouldn't stop speaking Spanish and it was great! WOW!! The rest of the evening was just out of this world happy. Totally worth it to know I have such a great force of people behind me!
Felizidades ANDREA AND TJ!! Congrats!
PS, some things I forgot to mention yesterday in my email
Everyone loves our family picture!! They laugh at Conner being the baby and the tallest (yes Brock sorry) and they love Mati and think it's funny shes so short and they are amazed my parents are SO YOUNG! Translated; JOVENCITOS!! The family Tovar was so excited for me to talk to my family and be able to see you and everyone says my parents look so very young!! (Mom if you could put up our family picture on the blog)
And we do get to eat out here! We ate at burger king last Saturday and KFC the other day and a member fed us PIZZA DE Peru and WOW I can never go back- seven different kinds of meat and olives the size of small cows and always Inca cola (they don't have root beer here) only orange Inca cola or coca cola...ew....but I do like coca cola. and we do eat. I am definitely not starving. Its crazy because we walk from utter poverty across a freeway and there is the largest grandest mall of MY LIFE!! so crazy the culture shock just about kills me! People with no sinks and live in one room with all their family to bigger than university mall all in about ten to fifteen minutes walk!! CRAZY! just blew me away!
So glad to be able to see and talk with my family and wow I love and think about you all a lot!!! G-ma and G-pa Thrasher and G-ma and G-pa Atkinson and Kandis and Meagan and Janae and Aleesha and Shalece and Jain and Alyssa and Saje and Mati and Brock and Conner and Cathy quilter Sammie Krohn ! Wow so many people every day that I remember or something reminds me of them and wow I am so blessed to have such great examples!!
Gracias por todo!!
Love you all!! Remember always that God loves you more than we can ever imagine! He loves you so much he gave his son for us. Through all the pain and agony it is amazing I can't even describe somehow it is more than love because we are HIS!! Love Sister Atkinson!!

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