Monday, February 4, 2013

Funny things that happen.

Told Mati I would keep track of all teh funny things that happened this week so short story number 1
My companion was wiping off her melted to her face eye liner (yes it{s that hot) and she started yelling from the bathroom I thought she dropped something but she came out danceing and said I have toilet paper disolving in MY EYE°!! we ran around like crazies for a bit not knowing what to do because the LAST THING you want to do is put limeño water in your eye! but it eventually I think it just disolved leaving her eye SUPA dry. 
We were RUNNING home like always to be home in time and just as we turned the corner my backpack opened and spilled all my books all over the street! oops so much for trying to get home on time. 
Saturday we were contacting and wow one of those saturdays when no one wanted to listen. one woman opened her little widow in her door and didn't even give us time to say HI let alone explain ourselves and two seconds opened the window and shut it again. I am pretty sure she thought we were Jehovas witnesses. But then we knocked on a house and a little kid of four years old peered out from the curtains and we asked if his mom was home and he disapeared to ask his mom he came back and said she wasn{t home....with the face that BK has when the lie is so obvious it hurts.....I don{t know where the laugh came from but just like water rushing out from a fire hydrant it just didn"t stop!!!! I tried to give him a card with Jesus on it, but it came out like this GIGGLE....this is.....ha ha ha ha .....a card .........can I......te he he he BA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! i just couldn't do it. So funny. 
But good times.....ah
This week we magically met a young man of 28 years old who accepts the gospel like arroz con leche!!! Its amazing that he can capture the plan of salvation in one lesson and carried his book of mormon EVERYWHERE! He knows its true but as soon as he tried to explain to his family they all turned on him. Its so rough he feels so torn. He said if it was with his friends he{d just tell them to get lost, but its his own flesh and blood telling him that the things he is learning is not true. How astute is Satan. >He just lets it all loose. HE came to church sunday and felt very good but very poor with his jeans and t shirt and we tried to explain taht it doesn{t matter and he should just worry what God his heavenly father and king thinks. but He said it would probably be the last time he could visit with us due to his family and everything. Please pray for him He needs lost of help. HERMANO F .He really wants to be baptized but has to pass through this trail of faith. just like everyone some thier trials are the word of wisdom and others not married but the worst is when they don{t have any of these problems and its their own family. He needs alot of help. 
But i know God works miracles after we had fasted this sunday we were ready to go home at the end of the night and some investigators called to invite us to the birthday of their son. And I was just thinking in how long I hadn't had cake and my companion was thinking that it was the birthday of her mom this week and she didn't even eat cake and the family invited us to chocolate cake with chocolate frosting or what they put on top here!! Woot little miracles and great families that we will never forget! 
Love Hermana Atkinson  put your trust in God and all is well! He has a plan for all of you  like Elder Darcey said THERE ARE NO COINCEDENCES!! 
>Ps its so hot in peru the more humble streets in peru all play water ballon fights even in the windows of the bus and we were lucky enough to recieve one of these wet gifts almost got us wet WOOT they play carnivals aka EVERYONE GETS WET!! WOOT praying to not get wet  Love ya all!! 

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