Thursday, February 28, 2013

We Rock!!!

WE had a great week with members to accompany us, visits with GREAT investigators that are progressing and have the desire to progress! They read and pray. STill enjoying my VAlentines package and CANDY!! My breakfast lunch and dinner! With my new companion hermana ALvarado we work OVERLY HARD! we maltratar doors every day and are just full of appointments with great people to teach and we look forward to every moment we have with them. The brother who is going to be baptized this weekend is just so prepared. He really is realizing that he can repent of his sins and that as a son of GOd he has GREAT WORTH! ITs funny how at times we can see ourselves in our investigators and the problems that they pass through we can give them personal experiences that we have had and passed through to help them overcome their problems! 
ME and my companion talk ALOT about life and we realized this week that as a companionship we have promised to help certain people that only our combination of experiences and character traits can help these people to progress. It is incredible how all KNOWING GOD IS! I can´t even imagine the weekly planning GOd does for his children. WHo is going to be where at what time and who can help them in that moment and represent Him. We just need to be OOBER careful that God can work through us and we ACT on the suggestions from the spirit. THis week i have really slowed down (to say really tried to listen to the spirit) to take the time to act according to the will of God and i really think the spirit has spoken to the hearts of the people we are visiting and they aren´t my words they are the words of God and i just share my testimony! Every day we can be the tools in the hands of God to change the WORLD!! woot todo poderosos!!
Funny story this week we went to visit a sister of 82 years old and her grandson of 8 years old.  opened the door and he is a he just shouted to his grandma ¨someone´s here for you¨   he told us we could pass he just left the door wide open, so we came in and sat down asked him how he was and what he was doing. he was putting together legos and he said ¨don´t talk to me i have to concentrate...¨we justa bout died lauging to make it worse there came a knock on the door and he said, ¨ANSWER THE DOOR¨ hermana alvarado and i looked at each other like REALLY? AFter a minute or two he got up and said ügh do i have to do everything around here??¨ THis was an eight year old ....we just about died laughing....!! best thing ever!! We really enjoy being companions everything is so funny with hermana ALvarado! 
WE are working hard and loving the work! 
THe photos are of my valentines package, the batman and my plack SUPER MISSIONARY!! and our valentienes breakfast of pancakes in the shape of hearts and our desks all decorated beautiful!! 
sorry mati i don´t know what happend with the pictures they did´t make it....i think....if you sent them for email i dont think they got here....

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