Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ice Cream and Real bones!

OK, so this week has been insane. we went on tour last week and I bought an awesome orange soccer shirt I have no idea what team it is.....all good it's orange can't get much better! We totally went to Pizza Hut after an awesome trip to the NATIONAL museum where they had lots of artifacts about Peru and its people! TALK ABOUT SISTER ATKINSON IN A CANDY SHOP!!!! I even got to see REAL BONES and I tried to date the skulls how cool No?
The other thing this week that was awesome was SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM Bones and ice cream all in one week I am as happy as a clam!! I am kinda getting field hungry. When we have been here so long and practiced so much there is not much else that is too exciting. except the new elders let the sisters play futbol with them! Yay! There are a ton more elders and sisters this time! Over 100 in total! Lunches and Dinners are insane!! My new companera is going to my mission along with a TON of elders! and Hermana Kajec who actually lived in Idaho for two years her story is quite awesome!! A lot of the elders and sisters here, their parents are converts and they are here on missions!! That just blows me away! How could I have ever doubted for one second about going on a mission.  I have had it my whole life and so have my parents and my grandparents and almost all the way to great grandparents as well! I am so blessed to be raised in a family where we are just born into a great heritage of worthy and loving and down right awesome people! I am so glad to have had the examples I have had. Almost no one here can say both their parents and one set of grandparents served missions! They are simply blown away! I am so blessed! I can't wait to meet people I can share the gospel with ! Just let me out there! I am hopping ready and waiting! Yes, it will be scary and hard to go from our ¨Garden of Eden¨here to the big huge world and not be in school anymore and only really have me and my companion, but man I am so hungry for teaching real people! Almost at my two month mark!! Where does time go!!
Ps. I don't think dear elders are getting through we think they are simply throwing all our mail out the window of the plane on the way over here or something. We never get mail here and at this point they ask you just start sending stuff to the mission home!! ) Only two more weeks! Woot!
BUT I did get an AMAZING DEAR ELDER from Terina that made my day! Rain or shine do not whine through and through tuff and true TERINAS mail ALWAYS GETS THROUGH!! :) Gracias! I hung your letter below my mirror and it uplifts me every day PACE!! positive attitude changes everything!! LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week! Enjoy the pics! love you family! Write you this week!

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