Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Best Day Ever!

OK so best day ever! I totally got my package and at an amazingly fast rate!! WOW!! The sugar cookies were gone in two minutes all the Latina sisters loved them!! The elders were so excited and green as can be of jealousy!! I loved it! It just made me feel so close to home to read the funnies in my bunk bed here! So great!
So pretty much proselyting this past Saturday was rough. We actually didn't proselyte we looked for less active members in RIMAC, the poorest part of Lima. AKA the hill of houses! Crazy! So many dogs and people everywhere. We got to go with two young women in the ward they are so amazing!! The only rough part was none of the less active members were home or had moved or disappeared and the one man we did talk to said he had a problem with his bishop and never wanted to hear from us again. My first experience of almost literally having a door shut in my face. It's rough work, but after we got to go talk to some member families and their testimonies are impenetrable! Someone once talked about our testimonies being a wall of shields and we need to keep each shield and each part of our testimonies strong so we don't have any weak links or spots where the devil can get us. These people had the strongest testimonies I had ever seen! I was really humbled to be able to hear them and they always shared their drinks with us. Just so awesome!
PS. why does Conner feel like a cowboy. That is what I am really going to miss this fall is the garden, but here they have amazing vegetables!! Great cucumbers huge grapes, comote Spanish for yam, and great beets!!! I am so happy for food all the time. and in a week it will all change! So crazy I get more nervous for the field with every passing day but more wanting to just dig in and go. I just hope my Spanish is more up to par than I think it is.
OH YA HUGE PLUS THIS WEEK!! Other than ice creme! was MY mission president came to speak at a devotional! It was crazy awesome and Derick was right he has an almost comedic low voice and sounds like he could be a cartoon! Wild! Loved it and his wife was so sweet and out going and they are just fabulous and we got to talk with them , Hermana Capunay and I! WOW best part of the week I was just beaming with smiles and it was great!! Then we got ice creme after! I said to the mission president of the CCM “meet my mission president and ice creme all in one day BEST DAY EVER!” He just laughed at me but wow, time goes so fast!
Love you all Sister Atkinson

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