Wednesday, April 4, 2012

General Confrence was great.

Hello family and everyone!
Sorry not much time today they watch the clock here like a hawk!!
Dear Tasha thank you for your email and picture. sorry i cannot look at the website but i did get the picture!! MUCHAS FELIZIDADES!!! Oh your baby is so cute! General conference here is great! we got to sit all day and listen to ENGLISH how much better can it get. Sorry Mati could´t go to St. George with everyone, but school is good.
We loved conference and received a lot of inspiration I really loved the talk about are we the fish in the tank that don´t say thank you when God feeds us. I am trying to be more positive. Me more positive impossible!! but serio. I realized I need to start writing a gratitude page again. Just one or two things daily. WE really have it so well here good food three times a day air conditioned classes, volleyballs footballs. I get to go proselyting this Saturday with my Latina companion and some of the places are REALLY poor or really rich. I am so blessed to be here and to be able to serve! It is the opportunity of a lifetime! I am so happy to get Ian and Dia´s emails and know there is life outside the CCM! Its so crazy to think I have been here for almost three weeks and with any luck next week when we get a whole new set of Latina missionaries for 3 more weeks hermana C will be with them!
Dia I totally understand your emails very well now that I am a missionary. The heartbreak when an investigator doesn't commit and the lessons you teach and the hard times, but i am so glad to know WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, bringing people unto CHRIST!!
WE watched a movie in a fireside after general conference about a train of people. this train was going really fast and the conductor realizes it is going to crash due to a malfunction on the track his only son ( a young kid only about eight) dives under the train to save all the people (smokers, sinners, lost souls) in saving the train the young boy gives his life away. The father can only stand in horror while the train passes by in anguish. All the people on the train have no idea his son just died to save their lives! Only one girl on the train sees his anguish. Later the father sees this young mother who had previously been an alcoholic. The father sees her in the train station and she is happily married and has a child.
If you shall bring but one soul unto to me how great will be your happiness?
Please remember always that god loves you and because he loves you he gave his only begotten son to die for us. Don´t just ride the train of the atonement and take it for granted. Actively participate in the Santa Cena and remember why it is so important. I am here to be able to teach others about how they can use the atonement and return to live with god. I love you all so much and really am so glad to have you as a part of my life!! What great examples!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! have a happy Easter and just love everyone!!
Hermana Atkinson!
love you! have a good Easter and happy b-day Brock!

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