Friday, April 13, 2012

What's a Rama?

WOW where does time go??????
First of all our branch is called RAMA ABUNDANCIA so when ever they call over the intercom and say Rama abundancia porfavor encontran en la capilla en tres minutos. I think RAMA!! WHAT}s a RAMA? from forever strong. BA ha ha.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROCK!! <i am so glad you have awesome friends that make your life awesomely happy and early in the morning and embarrassing for you birthday"! Thank them for me!°
We played soccer with just the No rte Americas district this week and i totally biffed it on the turf....not fun but soccer was great even our grammar teacher was able to play with us!! yes in his Sunday shoes and pants. ;) we have the coolest teacher ever!! Hermano Lazo is just so amazing and uplifting and short AH!! So great! WE change teachers for the next three weeks because we are now known as ADVANCADO norte Americana missioneras! Woot! doesn't mean anything just that we have been here for six weeks and still not in the mission field due to our Spanish speech impediments! ;)
So Saturday was the big day when we went out for proselytismo!!! YES BIG CITY HERE I COME!! So mediocre bus ride to my mission! So cool! Lots of houses and they gave us tons of literature and folletos and set us loose. yes me and my companera did have a teacher proselytize with us. My Latina companion (i will try for pictures next week.....sorry) is very tiny a pixie! So knocking doors was pretty much hysterical! huge white chick with no Spanish and a tiny Latina ;) but it was awesome. We entered four houses that day and gave two book of Mormons (books of Mormon??) whatever libro DE Mormon. The first house we went into was a house of a seventh day Adventist! Oh boy... and of course I begin the lesson with the first vision and howI know that Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restored gospel. The spirit was so strong and fabulous! Then my companera goes to share a scripture from the bible and the father in the family goes off about how the book of Mormon can't be scripture!!  We bible bashed for what felt like forever!! crazy! I just keep smiling and looking around like WHAT IS GOING ON?? They are talking really fast and the spirit is gone and I just taught the first vision in an Adventists home and all sorts of other various thoughts. then the mom came down the stairs to see a gringa on her couch. we started talking and through her we were able to give her a book of Mormon to read. she said she would read it and was very open to our message even though she only got the last half!. OH the miracles of GOD!! she talked to me although I didn't know much Spanish and we were able to return the spirit to the house of this awesome family. So many miracles during that day!! So many great people. PS, Ian what do 7th day Evangelists believe in ? and what do materialists believe in? (ya that door was interesting I only understood Machu Pichu and you are from the USA and I hate the USA....good times good times)
After it was all done we just felt so fulfilled and my companera and i just loved it!! i didn't talk much but what i could say brought the spirit.
Thank you all for the letters sorry I will try to write more in a hand written letter I only have two stamps left.
You could send me pens I have gone through so many have stopped working.
My new companera came in yesterday and Hermana Seversons at midnight last night their Spanish is very clear and I understand most things my Spanish is better and better! OK got to go love ya!!

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