Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Talk about my element

My week has been relatively eventful we were able to help our pensionist this week with her house. Her son unexpectedly was coming home earlier than she thought and the new room was not ready at all. She was very down and sad.  
Entonces after consoling her and sending her to bed with some pills we rolled up our sleeves and GOT TO WORK!! We went out and bought rice and stuff for lunch and made ¨what we will call ¨american Chinese food¨ of ham fried rice and top ramen. Cooking up a storm and doing laundry. I was happier than a tornado in a trailer park!!! TALK ABOUT MY ELEMENT!! Not an air bender or a fire bender but a clean the house and love it bender!! After lunch and cleaning the whole kitchen we began organizing!! WOOT my favorite! Their new room in the back needed cleaned and the mountain of clothes in the parents room moved out to the cabinet in the new room and all the beds moved and re-compiled. Needless to say lots of heavy stuff to move and organize and clean!! I have never been happier in my life!! I just loved every second of it. I felt kinda disobedient that we didn´t get any proselyting done that day (yes all you missionaries can picture reporting our numbers for the day back to our district leader that night of one lesson in the street and none in houses or with members...) BUT then I thought what would Jesus have done? Would he have said, oh sorry sheepie, I know right now you are hanging over a cliff with despair and are burdened with a backpack full of rocks but wait right here for a little bit I have other people who need me elsewhere....NO he would give all to help the one. I learned alot about charity that day. 
WE worked hard ALL DAY! from eleven in the morning to eight o clock at night! But by the time we were done all the stuff for the returning elder was in the new room and everything was clean laundry done and beds made and whew! Talk about some tired missionaries, but i had never been so happy in my life to be able to serve the family that is basically like home for us here. Always they are going above and beyond to aid us as missionaries and daughters of God. What a blessing to be able to use my talents to help them and serve them! 
I firmly believe God prepared me and gave me these talents and sent me here in this moment to be able to help this family with their specific needs and wow. God knows best! I know I am here in Peru for specific people who have been prepared to hear the gospel from me and it may be that I am sent here to learn things from specific people (companion) to aid me for the rest of my life! I wouldn´t change coming on a mission for anything!! I have learned so much in the past month it is insane! and I still have 15 months to learn and grow and WOW! God knows all and is directing us to the people we need in our lives! 
This is my testimony of missionary work and I share it in the name of our savior Jesus Christ amen! 
Love you all keep your heads up and be happy.....why not? 
Love love love Sister Atkinson! 

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