Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Free Book

This week we were able to walk the ocean for pday with my companion and WOW so AMAZING! We can forgive the ocean for giving us Super cold breezes all the rest of the week when we walk by the waves and can just really relax! So excellent! We have been working hard knocking doors and really getting the two step BIG TIME! Always the excuses are the same, Ï am occupied I am catholic, I am in the kitchen cooking, I don´t have time never ever in my week to visit with you. It is true the peruvian people are ALWAYS working and have the hardest jobs and work work work, but I can ony imagine how If Christ was knocking on the door (which more or less he is through us his representatives) and they would say sorry I am occupied, not interested or busy. It is just so sad for them that they don´t want to let the message in their lives. We really can only invite them and it really is all in Gods time that they will know and possibly accept the gospel. but God always shows us his hand in our days when all morning we are knocking doors and they won't even accept a book of mormon. This was so strange to me its a FREE BOOK!! People don't want a free book, so odd. but little by little we are working with the ward to activate the less active and ITS WORKING! We had more than 5 inactives come to church sunday and WHOOSH the miracles!
Also me and my companion made hamburgers this week and they were HUGE!! We put cheese and cucumber and onion and tomato and guacamole and aji and potato chips and basically had a banquet! My companion and I are are really CHEFS! We are so good we can't even fit in our skirts we are eating so much not to mention our pensionista always gives us a MACHU PICHU of food! She has six brothers and always gives serving sizes for six in one plate and we tried to explain that we were Sisters not elders, but to no avail. She is so wonderful and her food is so good!! It is a pleasure to eat it all but to walk after......hmmm a bit more difficult. ba ha ha. I may need three seats on the plane home for my bulk......ha ha ha yes that is a fat joke Natasha Chandler.
I have been reading the talks of general confrence this week (which we got in english POR FIN just before the next confrence) about sacrifice and how we can conquor our problems in life by forgetting ourselves and serving others! I really enjoyed the talk given by Elder Oaks about how the ultimate sacrifice was given by Jesus Christ and how when we sacrifice our time in service or to help others and sacrifice for our families we are learning how to be like Christ. Learning to serve and sacrifice is the school and entrance to the heavans, As said by Robert D. Hales, ¨WE become converted and spiritually self reliant as we prayerfully live our covenants, through worthily partaking of the sacrament being worthy of temple reccomends and sacrificing to serve others¨ How wonderful it is to be able to forget ourselves and go to work. we have the promise that when we serve others our own burdens are lifted and we are more greatful for the things we have and the blessings just keep comming!
Stay awesome! con amor Hermana Atkinson

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