Monday, July 30, 2012

New Area Magdalena

Hey family!!  My new area is Magdalena!   It is very close to the Mar (aka ocean) so it is very windy always cloudy and there is a virgin here that is HUGE!! she is called Magdalena del mar.   Apparently there is technically only one Mary mother of Christ right? yet she is called different names depending on where her shrine is, so this virgin is about a third the size of the statue of liberty and she is above the beach and even has her HUGE rosary that sways in the ocean breeze. Very beautiful but wow I thought my other sector in Salamanca was big, THIS IS ENORMOUS!! WE get to walk for half an hour just to get to the church house. We don´t really have investigators because of the split of the sector with elders and it just so happens that all the investigators the sisters had before fell in the sector of the elders. So we are basically beginning anew in a new sector looking for people to teach.  A bit rough but what an opportunity to look for the people God has prepared for us! We have really seen miracles when we really put in our work to find people.  WE ran into a family who in three days feels like we have known them for months.  They are really humble which is incredible because in the first day in my new area.   I saw a McDonald's, a limousine, a city of apartment buildings with sixteen floors each and five or six rooms per floor (its basically a small city of tall buildings they have their own shopping center and hospital and everything!!) not to mentions gringos out the WAZOO!   Its really weird to see white people (especially when i look in the mirror EEEP!) This new area has definitely been challenging cuz it is a VERY RICH AREA. Needless to say. We are working hard to have new people to teach and our little miracle family are really so sweet and knowing the gospel can change their lives just gives us so much faith and hope.  Whoosh I am still adjusting to a new area and I cannot even believe that we have had the craziest things happen this week! The family we live above are on vacation and of course the water in the house stops working. We live on the third floor and it is pretty HUGE! but the stairs to get there are oooh boy very interesting to ha ha. very small and interesting. So thankfully a spigot in the garage works and we use buckets to carry all our water to the third floor to flush the toilet, wash the dishes, and bathe..(ah who bathes)..  It is an adventure EVERY DAY!!   It really is just like Snow white I got to this house and there was dirt everywhere and who knows what disorganization but I really love cleaning things fixing drapes and yes bringing the water up in buckets just like drawing water from a well!! WOOT! But we are really just learning to be happy and when I got the changes to go to Magdalena I just had this wonderful peace and the feeling that God needs me here. I don´t know why, but  I just know that I am here for a specific reason to touch the lives that maybe I can only touch. All this opposition is to give me experience and get me ready for the rest of my life!!   So always remember that our trials are for a reason and God has specifically prepared us for them!   Have a great week!   love you tons,  Sister Atkisnon 

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