Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hola ( use your pirates of the carribean Jack voice)

Hello EVERYONE!!! In <peru it is HOLA!!! ( picture pirates of the caribean jack saying it)
so pretty much it has been GREAT! The first day was wild and crazy and it{s still wild and crazy! The culture down here is so funny! they have a scheldule kinda like the MTC in provo, but it randomly changes. WE discover the  rules only after we already broke them! :0 OOPs. and they change important meetings and such one hour before just as you get into the shower. it has been an interesting week for sure. They don}t really have rules but they are very strict about those rules that you don{t know. <pero esta bien. ( i say esta bien every three seconds here :) but my companera says comparatively i have really good spanish for the most part. So that{s good.
The food.....IS SO GOOD!!!! Oh my wow! it is said Peru is up there with culinary mastery countries like France! Their desserts are so crazy good!! We had no joke jello cake with multiple colors of jello and donuts and a cake that looked like cheesecake but was actually bread cake with honey! ian would love it here! meat for every meal! rice and meat for lunch and sometimes for breakfast. they have great thing called cafe con leche which tastes I think something like cofee( i have never had coffee) and it is my FAVORITE!! The meals are really good going in, but it totallly goes through me like a straw! (small children and those with nervous disorders and weak stomachs stop reading here) it is not fun, but the food is so good i must keep eating! i just ask for smaller portions now and peptomismal is my new best friend. I am gaining appreciation for gluten free diets and when you get gluten contaminated though! :) woot! THey ( the americans who have been here for three weeks say it gets better). 
Sorry the keyboard in spanish is really throwing me off.
today is PDAY!! and we got to go to the temple. They basically let you out of the compound (no joke really high walls and you can{t see past a huge blocking thing outside your window. we were starting to wonder if there really was life out there! its pathetic when we run to the wall to hear dogs bark on the other side.) Basicallly they put you on the sidewalk outside and say find your way to the temple. so we catch a bus. crazy full of people LOVED IT! they call mormons this is your stop in english. the temple in spanish is FABULOUS so pretty and really petite. very small. pequenito. Then we got to go SHOPPING! cookies ehre are so good. anything processed like american food at this point is great! Then we caught a cab back to the CCM.
My companeras are great! we spent a little time not understanding one another and thought they hated us for a while but they thought we hated them so it has been kinda rough but my companeras sister taught english on her mission to bolivia so with Hermana Vargas (she is only about four feet tall! saje would fit in well here! es un chiste!) her english is very good she knows lots of words. so between her and me we can usually understand one another it is fun learning new words all the time.
DERICK!! Hermana AVA MORENO is one of my miestras!! She was asking if  you are married and why not and why don{t you have a girlfriend!! :) She loves you ! my teachers are all really cool! two for language and one hermano Lazo for grammer ( he is intense!)
All the time for today but the best way for me to get letters is pouch mail and dear elder! They reccomend not sending packages to the Peru ccm is not eeasy and costs alot. but dear elders get here in a week! woot and i can send regular letters from here with us stamps. i gave away majority of my stamps to my hermana.

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