Monday, July 2, 2012

My new companion comes with a new language

My new companion speaks some very interesting new words.... we were walking and looking for my new favorite kind of cheese queso fresco (once upon a time was in a soup we had for Natalie's wedding ooh so good) anyways looking for cheese and it came to pass that I was asking a question about the cheese and my companion said, ´munde¨and I thought she was talking about cheese.....but actually munde means"What" in Mexico. So I will soon be speaking like a Peruvian and una mexicana OJALA!!! 
Last week for p-day we got to go to the catacombs in the central of Peru!! WOOT my life is fulfilled! The bones and the architecture are really cool, a whole ceiling of wooden puzzle pieces and a room full of old old books, but wow the spirit is definitely lacking in this place. it was interesting to learn about another religion., it was very pretty and I got to eat the BEST CURRO OF MY LIFE! Hot and sugary and filled with custard! oh baby we make good popcorn! And this week we had our final meeting with President Tyler and his wife! It was so spiritually recharging and wonderful! That day of proselyting was THE BEST!! WE were on fire and had the desire to teach everyone and WOW just the happiest day of my life! But as always a good day and a bad day, Sunday was stressful with hardly none of our investigators coming to church when we called them all that morning to be sure they remembered and somehow got lost on the way to the capilla (chapel)?? oye!! if I can be in a different country and a different language and can get to church SO CAN YOU!! for only one hour in your whole week! So a little frustrating but aumented by the opportunity to cook for the family Tovar. The parents are in Colombia with their son to meet his investigators of his mission! So we had spaghetti and they had never known garlic bread so i gratefully introduced them ,9 with fruit salad. woot awesome! thanks mom for teaching me so good! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! 50 AND LOVING IT AND NOT LOOKING IT!! LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH HAVE A HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY AND EAT LOTS OF CAKE IN A CONE FOR ME!! LOVE SISTER ATKINSON. 

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