Monday, July 23, 2012


Hola todos!
A funny story. my companion and I are super worried about an investigator who was going to have his baptism this weekend but he has problems with word of wisdom. WE were so focused in his progression and how we can help him that we TOTALLY forgot about transfers!! WE had a long day and made a whole package of pasta and we ate the whole thing with garlic bread and were sleeping tranquilo and the phone rings about 11:30 at night. nos Espantamos! Who is calling us at this time of night!!! We answered and IT WAS TRANSFERS and leaders of zona! Oye!!! We were so sure we were both going to have a lot of time here in Salamanca because we are both very new and only have had six weeks here and with a new president we were hoping not a lot of things were going to change the first transfers, BOY WAS I WRONG!! So I am leaving my beloved Salamanca and as of now I have no idea where my new sector will be. WHOOSH! Not to mention an new companion. So far I have had a new companion for every transfer!
This week we really have had adventures. we were invited to a birthday party for a young going to be missionary (he is turning three) his mom did the house in balloon animals of rabbits (huge) a motorcycle, a bee, a panda,an octopus!! Just amazing and they had jello and popcorn and the BEST RICE pudding of my life with marzamora and we provided the games and I just love this family it will be so hard to leave them, but wow for a limited budget this mom works wonders for her kids!!
WE also had interviews with the president and his wife! They really are so special and caring for everyone! How wonderful their spirit is. We had a party today because our beloved leader of the zone is headed home. I have never seen a missionary with more Power than Elder B he will be a memb of the seventy one day! Mind blowing service and spirit and buen animos!
Hope you all are having a fabulous summer and I love you all! It is amazing how fast we come to love people we come to know. God puts people in our lives for a reason. Derick has a great testimony of this, when we are the most comfortable God yanks it all out from under us! When we are comfortable we aren't learning so I am going to be more taught and more refined by a new sector and zone and companion! How much I have learned and how much I still have to learn. God is slowly shaping me and preparing me for the rest of my life!
Love love love forever! HERMANA ATKINSON!

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