Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to the agenda of missionaies.

Buenas DIAS or is it tardes I am always confused with this..... but BIENVENIDOS A LA AGENDA DE UN MISSIONERA!! (Welcome to the agenda of missionaries). I am going to try to write my week moment for moment for everyone to get a feel for all the crazy stuff we got to do this week!
Monday. We had to move p day to Tuesday because we got to go to the temple! Yah! So Monday we went for an area that is VERY RICH to plan our invasion for Saturday...see Saturday.... this area is a thriving hive of Catholics and beautiful parks with virgins everywhere and a huge beautiful park with tons of roses and a statue of the pope! Where is my camera!! DOH!! We went with a member to know the houses of less actives. Then went running to the other extreme of our sector for an appointment with a investigator who when we got there, (half an hour walk) wasn't home. Ba ha ha ha. so is the work.
TUESDAY was day at the temple and WOOSH spiritual revitalization!! Just the pure love that we felt just walking within the outer gates was amazing! Then had a family home evening in the house of a recent convert. The grandma and her three grand-kids were baptized in may. They are so strong in the church and have amazing faith. The mom of the kids and the two youngest kids were there also and wow reminds me of family reunions, small kids running everywhere and everyone is talking and laughing and having a great time! and Camilla who has four years is pulling my hair and nose and jumping off the bed. This great family who is so humble and doesn't have much is always feeding us coca cola and piccarones and marzamora (which is like jam but the consistency of snot....)
WEDNESDAY was a GREAT. Lunch as always with the family Tovar. They are always making us laugh till the amazing soup hermana Tovar cooks comes out our nose.(every day we laugh so hard it hurts) and we also had COWSA!! A beautiful plate of Peru!, shredded chicken with mayonnaise wrapped in potato! oh my love. where have you been all my life'' very fattening but oh so good! and fried bananas of the islands. Not good to eat solo they are an orange color, but fried are the best things I have ever had in my life! It was good that lunch was great because the rest of the day all of our appointments fell through and we were running for all the extremes to have the people not be there. We did have the opportunity to run into an inactive woman (doesn't live in our area darn) but she was baptized at 8 and really hasn't been to church since. Gave her a book of Mormon and really bore our testimonies on how the church has strengthened our lives. She said she would go back to church this week.
Thursday: We got to teach a young man and his mom. he is very quiet and it is very funny cuz he is 30 something and still lives with his mom and his mom the whole lesson was you need to repent and wash your hair and don't put your shoes there and why this shirt and listen to these two young women because they are very good and very important and this message is true! WE could hardly believe our ears! She was very receptive and listened and READ The book of Mormon the whole introduction, and when Jose Smith saw angel Moroni, she is catholic but WOW she really is accepting the veracidad (truth)of the gospel and can really see the logic of what we are teaching and is amazing to actually have someone accept the gospel like this and read the book of Mormon with this kind of gusto!! Her questions are straight out of the GOLDEN INVESTIGATORS handbook....(disclaimer there really isn't an official golden investigators handbook....) dinner consisted of mac n cheese three days old at ten thirty at night right before we passed out in our beds ( and we all thought I slept like a rock before....BA ha ha that was practice)
FRIDAY!! was normal walking and talking with people lots of appointments lost this day too I have no idea what happened this week , but no one was there when they said they would be. Yet a miracle was that we ran into a young student who is studying hard and really wants to be baptized but doesn't have the time for the lessons but we had been looking for her for two weeks and finally have her cell phone. Woot!

Saturday: DUN DUN DUN DUN DUN!! Had our INVASION!! Basically all the other elders and sisters in our zone come to our area and knock doors for us. We get references! So in two hours we knocked doors with twelve people, ten missionaries and the Tovar brothers (ex missionaries). It was a bit stressful cuz no one was on time and a sister in the ward who came to help was really late and we had already started and she couldn't find a pair of missionaries to help....and she gave up some important things in her house to be there. oye I was just glad when it was over. But then we went to help out with a pollada.. ( POLLADA=basically a fundraiser like a bake sale but with chicken). So they make rich rich rich food with potatoes yams, lettuce sauces and the biggest piece of chicken in my life! I half expected it to BOK at me! Then people come and buy them and eat them and raise money for uniforms for their kids. WE had six missionaries five children the mom and the grandma all in one room and three people eating their polladas. All in one room screaming and eating and working hard to have the food done quick for all the people waiting of course the missionaries bought some for us and WOOSH so rich was the food! Then we went to work walking and delivering polladas and teacing for the rest of the day we can't even explain how tired we are but happy.
SUNDAY: WE had to bring our investigator who has his baptism this week to church we passed for his house at 8.30 but he said he had to get ready and eat breakfast and to pass back by in 40 minutes!! I said ten and really it ended up being twenty five. Oye but now he can have his baptism this Saturday if all goes well in his interview. Then the two young boys we baptized in may were moving houses and WOOT SERVICE AGAIN!!! We helped them move all their things to a new cleaner happier house of many colors bright green orange and bright blue! I Love this house! It was so fun and we got to know the mom and dad better! Then went to work contacting all the references we received from the invasion. not to mention it was the festival of the virgin maria in the street marginal and lots of music and people and of course the virgin... very interesting and cultural.
Got to run wow long one today love you tons! hermana Atkinson. 

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