Tuesday, March 6, 2012

And another, quite similar e-mail

Hola!!! THe MTC is awesome!!! Our district is So cool! Tenemos Sies Elders y Cinco Hermana's! WE are the only sisters in our zone but it is great we have each other!! And in the same district! My companion is SO MUCH, no joke twin, love her so much, duplicate of Britnee Coons! She is a spiritual GIANT!! We have only been together as sisters for five or six days, but it feels like we have known each other for eternity!! My companion and I are both going to the Peru Lima central mission, but the other three Hermana's have been called to Bolivia!! They are Sister Tracey from Washington, (she has been to the GOONIES house), Sister Severson from Arkansas (walmart land) and Sister White  who is no joke like NATASHA CHANDLER!! Very outgoing and funny and makes up songs all the time and says stuff like Tasha all the TIME!!! AH! So perfect! Sister White is from Colorado. My companion sister Capunyay (I couldn't remember her name for the first two or three days) It is fun to say once you get it down; over and over and over in teh cafetieria line and i finally remembered it! Said CAp-UN-YAI.
Our Elders are pretty cool other than a few "elder get off the table!" and " ELDER IT IS PERSONAL Study QUIET TIME". they are amazing! WE got to hear their testimonies on thursday last week and THEY have the MOST fabulous testimonies of why they are here!! So we wrote them alll notes and thanked them for their testemonies with cany!! EVERYONE SAY AWWWW!! Love service! Our district leader has just been phenonmenal!! (mana mana? do do do do do ma na ma NA?) He is simply a born leader! SOme elders it is hard to think they are only 19! but they have their moments.........of twelve year old revelry for sure!
Our zone leaders also blow my socks off!
Dear family thank you for the package the sweets were just what i needed! I shared them and everyone love the cookies!! Thank you family for all your support and I have this wonderful picture in my head of my farewell with everyone there supporting me while i am here. (Thank you Brock for your inspiring letter and scriptures i was having a really hard day and it was just what i needed to hear! And all my other family lettters just lifted me up and got me going again. Aunt Terina Yours was MY first two letters of the MTC!! THANK YOU FOR the dear elders! its always nice to have mail (even more mail than most the elders!! and the FIRst package in our district! BOO YAA!)
It has been an insaine roller coaster of good days and bad days but in the end I want you all to know i AM meant to serve in Peru and I can't wait to be there! I am so blessed with such great family to support me always!
Lots of love Hermana Atkinson~!! Love you mom!!

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