Tuesday, March 6, 2012

One Roller Coster Missionary

HOLA!! THE MTC IS SO BUSY!! Our first night we were already knocking on (acting investigadores) doors and hablar espanol! Mis compaeras eres muy bonita!!! Our district is 50 A and we have Six Elders and Five sisters!! So COOL we have the only sisters in our zone and THERE ARE FIVE OF US!!! Can anyone say swimming in a sea full of SUITS?? cuz i do every day!! Me and my companion were instant friends because she reminds me SO MUCH, Exactly like, TOTAL TWIN of Brittnee Coons!! Looks the same and talks the same and is a spiritual AMAZINGNESS!! Our other three sisters all went to BYU idaho and are going to Bolivia. Sister Severson is from Arkansas, Sister Tracey is from Washington and Sister White is from Colorado. My companion Hermana Capunyay (I couldn't remember her name for the first two Days!!! AHHH sorry sister). Said, CAP-UN-AI. Which is really fun to repeat over and over in the lunch line once you can remember her name. Sister Capunyay is from Midway Utah and SHE LOVES SWISS DAYS!! We were meant to be companions!! (Right next to Kamas for those of you who don't know.)  It was fabulous together for only five days now and it feels like we have known each other for eternity. We didn't even realize we didn't know each others first names till saturday. Then our district tried to guess each others names........hilarity ensues!! I got called Sarah, or Molly Mormon and other horrendus names all except Bertha halleluja!

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