Tuesday, March 13, 2012


WOW this week has flown! I can´t believe two weeks at the MTC already! We have been so busy! I have gotten tons of mail!! The elders are all so jealous! a BEAUTIFUL CARD FROM Grandma Terry Ann! I love butterflies how do you know! ANd a package of popcorn )who would have thought i´´d miss it so much! Lots of candy that we shared with the elders and told them that the tooth fairy came and gave them candy.....they didn´´t believe us! I got a package and a letter with stickers from CHINA! My companera was so upset that she hadn´´t gotten a package yet, that she told our district leader ELder D that if she didn´´t get her package then he wouldn´´t give anyone else their mail. She got her package that day so no worries!
Our investigator that we had just taught our fifth lesson to her name is GABRIELLA and she left for San Francisco for a new job, but then our investigator that we have been teaching in HARD CORE broken spanish for a week became our teacher! Talk about rough day when you loose and investigator )all the sisters cried= then get her back as a teacher! She is So amazing! She has so much energy and lifts us up every day and loves the work.
They have this amazing thing in the sisters residenes called the GIVE AWAY BOX we visit it every day and find shampoo, and ugly clothes and envelopes and CRAYONS!! until one day tragedy struck my companera found a sweater dress......and she made us all wear it as in the sister hood of the traveling sweater dresss! it basically looks lika a christmas card threw up on it!
Before i forget I have my travel information!! I leave the MTC on March 21st! I fly from Salt Lake to ATLANTA GEORGIA!! then a five hour flight from Georgia to PERU!!! AH, I am so excited we ran into a teacher here who served in Peru and we spent two hours asking him quiestions about it! It sounds SO NICE!! Terf soccer field!! No way!I am terrible at soccer! I am so ready to be in PERU!! SEND ME! the other sisters in our district are going a day before us.
At lunch we try to place bananas. Like a book of mormon, but you try to get someone to eat your banana saying it will give them strengh and bless their stomachs! Oye only at the MTC! its so cool because you have missionaries all the time come up and ask if they can bear their testimonies to you or share the first lesson in their language!! Outstanding!! We have misionaries in our zone getting ready to leave but they are waiting for their visas and they are DYING!! They have been here for nine weeks! The food is good, but not that good. I miss potatoes and sour cream really bad! All the veggies here are really gross! and usually realllly procesed and yuck! I miss garden potatoes and PEAS AND CORN!! ahhhhhhhh.
Thank you family for all the support and it is amazing to know that I can be with you forever!  Glad Rob and Korby´s sealing went so well! I wish I could have been there and best of luck to TORRIE AND DEVON! and Garrett! LOVE YOU GUYS!!
It is just the greatest feeling in the world to teach an amazing lesson and comitt peolpe to prepare to be baptized! and bring them unto CHRIST! we taught a lesson yesterday to TWO new investigadores and they were so amazing my companion and I can achieve miracles when we work together to have the spirit guide our lessons and bear testimony of CHRIST!!
Have an amazing week! love you all!
Hermana Atkinson!
ps: Family I will have next Pday to write then I´ll be headed to Peru at 5:00 on wednesday morning! Love you and thank your for your letters! They always lift me up and the package did wonders for my day! It was the hardest day of my mission and it really was great to have support from home!!Love you forever!

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