Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't get to comfortable

As soon as you think you are comfortable, the rug can get Yanked right out from under you.  Our travel plans have changed and may change again.  Mi companera's visa got delayed or not 100% confirmed and thus I am going with the sisters going to Bolivia on Tues. March 20.  I fly with 2 Elders and not mis companion.  Hard day for me.   We still fly from SLC to Georgia  then  Georgia to Peru landing there at 10:55 pm.  It just worries me to leave Mi companera all alone and go by myself   She has come to terms that God needs her here, I am having a scary time leaving her and everyone and changing again. We are all terrified that we will still get a letter that says "your visa has not made it today." O!!!

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