Wednesday, March 21, 2012

You know you are in Peru when:

Hello familia!! Esta es me primero dia en el CCM de Peru!! YOU KNOW YOU are in peru when 1. your shower goes hot and cold and hot and cold and 2.when you get out of the shower it still feels the same (no me gusta humidity) 3. you find yourself looking at a beautiful picture and realize it is a window (no joke). 4. your companera thinks i'm a crazy person who sleeps in, ( we were allowed to sleep in till 9:00 becuase our flight got in at 11:15 your time, then we got to the CCM a las 2 am! Went to bed by myself in a room of 6 beds and woke up and my companera was sitting on the bed under me and waiting! The sisters across the hall told me to get up and go to breakfast!!  At seven when I was really supposed  to get up around 9 and begin orientation at 10. It"s so crazy all the BAD things that happen or the crazy things that happen I am still So happy to be here!  So happy it hurts! My companeras left me in line for security at the airport then could only get a hold of dad for twenty minutes and then had to run to the plane then didn't hardly get any sleep and I Am JUST SO HAPPY!!  God's tender mericies are all around us! Such things as finding the Elders I was supposed to travel with in the nick of time! So I wasn't alone in the airport. Meeting my companion who speaks a little English and is so tiny and amazing! To be able to understand the little spanish I know and use it to communicate. Knowing that my family tried so hard and practiced all the confrence calls to talk to me because they love me so much! Meeting a sister in the airport who worked at the CCM and was just leaving for paraguay to another mission and she directed us where to go! We got in the same time as some elders from mexico and got to listen to their spanish and tried to understand and guess what music they liked!  The van ride to the CCM was mind blowing and wonderful! We had so much fun! 
So basically I love peru and may never want to stay forever!
-mati my perm is enjoying the humidity a little too much..... ;)
-mom I am so sorry I couldn-t talk to you! I almost cried! The calling cards they gave us were pretty much worthless. One call and half the minutes were gone and I didn't have as much time as I thought and had to run catch the plane and  I  am so sorry! I should have left a longer message on your phone. 
I am here safe and sound. Excited to go to work and loving life! 
Love you so much talk to you  soon  
Love Hermana Atkinson!

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